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Are you suffering? Our aloe health products may help you find relief from your autoimmune disorders.

Aloe Health

The only company that extracts the active ingredient from the Aloe plant leaving it in its most natural form.

Our unique ethanol extraction method preserves full spectrum True Acemannan that is virtually bio-identical to real fresh Aloe Vera found in nature.

  • =Acid Reflux
  • =Celiac Disease
  • =Crohn’s Disease
  • =Diverticulitis
  • =Irritable Bowel Syndrom
  • =Ulcerative Colitis
  • =Ulcers
  • =Rosacea

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The Science behind True Acemannan

For over 30 years we have specialized in extracting & preserving True Acemannan containing full spectrum Complex Carbohydrates that is virtually bio-identical to fresh Aloe Vera found in nature.

With our proprietary cold ethanolic extraction process we are the only company that preserves the Acemannan molecule as is in nature.

Aloesomal Molecule

Acemannan Molecule

Acemannan is a predominant component polysaccharide of the Aloe vera.

According to the Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) and the United States Adopted Names Council, this polysaccharide is a highly acetylated, ß1,4- linked mannan with a average molecular weight (MW) of 1-2 Million Dalton.