Liposomal Advantage

Liposomal Advantage

Aleosomal Inc. is the first company to utilize liposomal technology to maximize the absorption of the critically important aloe vera polysaccharides.


What is the Liposomal Delivery System?

The Problem

The absorption and bio-availability of supplements is a problem that manufacturers wrestle with. Excipients, binders, fillers, flow agents and even specific molecular weights can contribute to poor absorption. The challenge is to ensure that the active ingredients move into the blood stream and reach the cells.

The solution

Liposomes have long been used as an effective pharmaceutical delivery method. More recently the liposomal delivery method has become more common in dietary supplements. The active ingredients are enveloped in a bubble of phospholipids which are fat molecules that make up the main part of the wall. This protects the active ingredients and allows them to better survive the digestive process and enter the intestines. Here the liposome fuses with the cell walls and the active ingredients are released and enter the blood stream. The phospholipids of the liposome are then used in the body as they are identical to the cell membrane phospholipids.